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The Ashley Gitto

Memorial Scholarship 

In memory of Ashley Gitto and all those who have lost their lives to their battle with addiction there will be a bowling night fundraiser in order to raise money for those in need of sober living. All proceeds will go to the Serenity House and helping scholarship men and women into local recovery houses.

Ashley's family has been brave enough to open up about her battle with addiction and the epidemic going on among us.There is a desperate need for treatment and after care for those struggling, although it is highly expensive and often very inaccessible. To enter a house can cost anywhere from $500-$700, not including weekly rent. The cost of housing should not prevent anyone from getting help and no more lives need to be lost while there is help available.
This night is not only to try and raise money to help those in need, but also to celebrate Ashley's life. She touched so many of our lives and wanted to help people in anyway she could. Lets not have her loss be in vain and help get others to the treatment they need.

The scholarship event in 2015, raised approximately $3,000 to help those in need. 

Donations can be made through the Paypal link above (be sure to comment the donation is for the Ashley Gitto memorial scholarship fund. Please make checks payable to:

The Hansen Foundation
1501 N Albany Ave
​Atlantic City NJ 08401 

*If anyone would like to donate items or gift cards for the auction please call 609-965-4002